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Eat. Move. Heal. Thrive. Naturally.

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Achy joints, low energy and weight gain doesn’t have to be part of “getting older”.
I’m a health coach and my job is to help you stay motivated and focused on reaching your health goals so you can feel as good, if not better then you did 20 years ago.

In a world where medicines are common, I suggest a different way to get and stay healthy – focusing on the amazing healing power of the food you eat to reclaim your health.

Natural Nutrition is all about eating whole foods and animal-based foods that have only one ingredient. 

This can kickstart your body’s natural healing and help you take charge of your well-being.

Eliminate inflammatory foods and fuel your body with nutrient-rich options to:


✓ NO MORE Brain Fog

✓ Lose Weight

✓ FEEL BETTER Than You Ever Thought Possible

✓ DRASTICALLY change your health in as little as 30 days

✓ REDUCE inflammation and auto immune disease

✓ LOWER YOUR RISK of getting heart disease, stroke and cancer

✓ REVERSE Type 2 Diabetes

… And so much more!

At Natures Protege

We're all about empowering you to reach your health, fitness, and mindset goals, and we've got it all covered in one easy-to-use platform

Our mission is simple: give you the tools, resources, and support you need to take back your health, unlock your full potential, and make lasting changes.

Here’s what you can expect from our all-in-one online coaching platform:

Natural Nutrition and Wellness Blogs

Find out about the awesomeness of natural nutrition, wellness and fitness through our wonderful Blogs that will help you lead a healthier, happier life. Get the basics of mindful movements, try out yummy recipes, and learn the tricks of aging gracefully for long-term health.

Expert-Led Fitness Courses

We've got lots of different fitness classes for everyone, so you can find the right workout that fits you best. Whether you're into building muscles, high-intensity workouts, yoga, or anything else, there's always something fun to keep you moving! New courses added monthly.

Empower Your Mind

Tap into your mind's potential with our mindset courses that can really make a difference. Build up resilience, motivation, and self-awareness to tackle challenges and make positive, lasting changes in your life.

Engaging Mini-Courses and Challenges

Keep your wellness journey fun and fresh with our growing collection 'Challenges'. Available in eBook format or view as a 'mini-course'. They're crafted to keep you motivated, make progress, and add a bit of excitement to your path to overall well-being.

Supportive Online Community

Connect with a community of like-minded individuals and get personal guidance from your health coach. You won't be alone on your journey to personal growth—we're here for you every step of the way!

Convenient, Accessible Learning

Our platform is super easy to use, letting you dive into our wide variety of courses and resources whenever and wherever. Prioritizing your well-being is a breeze, even on the busiest days!

Transform Your Health in 3 Easy Steps!

Ready to transform your health with 1-on-1 Personalized Coaching?

Starting is simpler than you might think…

STEP ONE: Begin with a complimentary 30-minute consultation to see if you are a good fit for our program. We’ll discuss your health goals, address any questions you might have, and explore how a natural diet, simple wellness practices, and a personalized exercise plan can revitalize your well-being and give you your life back!

STEP TWO: I will create a personalized meal plan, a detailed grocery list, and a custom exercise regimen tailored to your fitness level and will fit into your lifestyle. Beyond nutrition and physical health, we’ll create a stress-reducing routine including breath-work and meditation, and provide you with a Food & Mood Journal for seamless tracking of your daily habits.

STEP THREE: We’ll schedule consistent weekly Zoom meetings where we will celebrate your wins and address any challenges, questions or adjustments that are needed. As your coach and accountability partner, I will support you every step of the way and I will not stop until you have reached your health goals.

ACT NOW! Waiting to take charge of your health can mean missing out on life’s precious moments.

Women over 40 face unique challenges, from hormonal imbalances and weight management difficulties to increased risks of chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart disease. These aren’t just statistics; they’re obstacles that can prevent you from living your life to the fullest—playing with your grandchildren, enjoying active vacations, or simply feeling vibrant and energetic every day.

Don’t let confusion or past frustrations hold you back. Start making informed, healthful changes today. By embracing a personalized approach to diet, fitness, and holistic practices, you can enhance your well-being, regain control of your health, and start living life fully and joyously.

Let’s take this important step together—because your best years are not behind you, they’re waiting to be lived!

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